Bangkok. Part 2: Mmm, food

Hey, welcome back! Time to talk about foooood πŸ™‚


Wherever you will be walking around in Bangkok, you would find Thai street food. It’s small bistros on wheels or mini cafeterias which are constructed/disassembled every day. Food preparation begins once you order it (so no food prepared in advance). Mostly dishes are soups and noodles, seafood, different meat on sticks with sweet and salty sauce, fresh (or a bit cooked?) meat with mushrooms, sausages with pancakes and other snacks.

Prices for street food are low, everything is hot and prepared at once. Keeping in mind that cleanliness there sometimes might be not the best (still much better than some places I saw not in Thailand πŸ™‚ and some bistros are placed near the roads, we still were fine buying food there as it was quite good.


Soups. I tried local soups twice. First one I ate in a small cafeteria not in the city center. Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of soup.


On the question “Spicy?” my answer was “Just a bit”. Uhm… Probably a bit spicy is very different for Thai and European people πŸ™‚ It was spicy as hell, sweet, salty with noodles and pieces of meat. However it was really nice, after I survived from burning I really liked the soup!

Second soup was Tom Yum in the city center. Probably because of touristic location they made it totally non-spicy. I was quite disappointed as this time I was prepared for tons of spices. However one old lady brought me a box with spices and soup became really amazing!


If you’re fun of seafood there’re many things you can buy and will stay happy πŸ™‚

There’re also many sellers of fresh fruits. Fruits are already peeled and cut and prices are really cheap (half of a small watermelon peeled and cut would be around 20-40 TBH ~0.5-1.5 USD). In markets you can buy as well non-peeled fruits (I guess it’s possible to ask sellers to clean and cut it).

About drinks there’re many places where you can buy ice teas (with tons of variations: + milk/honey/fruit syrups/bubbles), freshes and juices (just made from fresh fruits) and of course coconuts! One of my main plans for Thai was drinking coconut water as a cocktail πŸ™‚ Unfortunately I totally didn’t like it 😦

They just make a hole in a coconut and put a tube there. These coconut “cocktails” are sold in many places, price is the same everywhere I saw – 50 TBH (~1.5 USD).


I want something weird! Then you need to visit Khao San Road! Probably every Bangkok tourist knows about this place: incredible street (actually some streets around are the same as well) full of food, dances, parties, singing songs, meeting people, giving high five to each other, making dreadlocks and shopping. And here (I didn’t see something like that in other places) you can find some sellers with spiders, cockroaches, scorpions and other bugs. If you want to photo, you need to pay or buy something. Since bugs for me are incredibly disgusting as food I wouldn’t try any. However, oneΒ hero tried some of them (on the plate) and stayed alive after πŸ˜‰ She told it was not that bad, but mostly not tasty.


In the usual food shops interesting things for me were chips with nori, sheets of something green (probably sea plants), weird dry fruits, huge amount of sweet drinks which I have no idea about. Many descriptions in food are duplicated in English.

Btw drinks (from the food shops) generally are very sweet if you’re not buying simple water. I guess they add much more sugar (or use another type of sugar?) to their sweet drinks.

As well I saw sushi sold in some places and they looked really good. Unfortunately didn’t try those ones, but still planning to πŸ˜‰


About European food, you still can find whatever you got used to (coffee bars, pizzerias, burger and stake houses, etc.) in the city center. Prices there will be much higher. Personally I find eating European food not very interesting when you’re in Thailand πŸ˜‰

P.S. Prequel to the cultural places of Bangkok and river canals!


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