Ko Samui – an island from picturesque postcards

Greetings from Ko Samui, an island on the East coast of Thailand!


It’s Thailand’s second-largest island after Phuket, with an area of 228.7 km2 and a population of over 63,000. (c) Wikipedia


#dramatic intro. When I arrived to the island I had a transfer reserved, together with very unfriendly Russian driver, who was saying that he’s making me a favor by driving to the house (like I’m not paying him). In a bit upset mood I found out that house that I got is totally different than I reserved and half payed. Speaking with Thai owner and Russian company owner by phone, I found out that nobody cares about mistake they made. Both are saying that it’s another’s fault. Best part of the dialog with Andrey from Samuidays was “Okay, I made a booking, payed and we agreed for a house number N. I don’t care who’s fault it is from your side, I’m asking you to fix the issue and bring me to the house I reserved (they’re saying that there’re other people living now). You say that Samuidays cannot fix this issue anyhow and you cannot propose me any option, right? ” – “Well… Welcome to Thailand!” After this phrase I was totally angry. We agreed that I will stay in this house till the end of the month and then I will probably go out from Ko Samui to somewhere. So seems like my plans are already changing 😉


Back to the island. Yes, Ko Samui contains amazing jungles in the middle of the island, waterfalls, fruits and animals, picturesque beaches with white sand and blue water. You can find here everything that you might need like shops, schools, hospitals, gyms etc. You can live in the jungle not minding everything happening near the coast and meet geckos, birds, spiders, different bugs, snakes, monkeys and other small (and not very) animals 🙂 However, don’t hurry to pack your clothes.


View from my house to the jungle.

Another side here, it feels like tourism captured all territory around the coast. Here’re tons of cars and bikes (there can be even traffic jams, on the island!), many tourists, tons of shops and life. Also mood on the island is not the same as in Bangkok. Well, Thai people still smile here and say “Hi” to you, but once you answer them, they immediately try to sell you something. Which makes me sad 😦


Tons of cables like it was in Bangkok. Bikes, cars, shops and houses.

Beaches. First 2 days it was rainy and cloudy here. But when the weather is good the sea looks blue and nice. Beaches are quite clean, there’re some empty areas, but mostly there’re restaurants, Thai massages and hotels/bungalows on and near the beaches. Water is warm and clean, sometimes it can be turbid if there’re huge waves or it was raining before.

Places. I visited incredible temples in Ko Samui! Was really charmed by Wat Plai Laem which is a positive example of Thai and Chinese temple design, executed with a modern flair as temple is quite new.

There’s a beautiful Magic Garden in jungle, built by Nim Thongsuk, who in 1976 (when he was 77 y.o.) began erecting several statues and temples around his family’s verdant land and continued to do so until his death (91 y.o.) Now it’s a calm place to visit inside the jungle area and enjoy the atmosphere around.

As well there’re some waterfalls in Ko Samui:

Incredible viewpoint is on the highest hill on the island. However, when it’s foggy you cannot see much but you can enjoy some food there in the restaurant 🙂

Bonus: dog on coconuts (probably not the best bed).


It’s a coconut “farm”, place where they gather and clean coconuts and then burn the coconut covers. They have even monkeys trained to gather coconuts! Guide told that monkeys are gathering ~300 coconuts/day.

Animals. As my house in covered by jungle from 3 sides, I have some life around 😀 The best of those are geckos and small lizards. Two even got into the house, however they’re running so fast that it’s impossible to photo them. As well there’re many ants in the house whom I’m brutally killing with spray, sometimes I find bigger bugs or spiders. There’re as well many frogs outside the house. House owner told that if I wouldn’t close the windows, I might find a snake in the house. Decided not to check that 😀

There’re many bulls, hens, cocks, elephants, monkeys, cats and dogs as domestic animals in Ko Samui. There should be wild monkeys in the jungle as well. Oh, and in Bangkok I saw some varans in the canals!

The best place I visited in Thailand for now is Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park which I will describe next time with many colorful photos 🙂


Thank you for reading and see ya soon 😉


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