Stunning islands, kayaking, snorkeling and trekking

Hello and welcome back!

Today I will share my story from Mu Ko Ang Thong National Marine Park. Long story short – it was breathtaking! πŸ™‚

What is Mu Ko Ang Thong National Marine Park? It’s a fascinating archipelago of 42 islands in the Southern Thailand. All the islands have different sizes and shapes. Most of them are covered with tropical forests and named after their distinguishing geography or some kind of descriptive appellation like ‘Sleeping Cow Island’ and ‘Three Pillars Island’.

NationalPark (3)

Monkey Island

How the day started. We ordered an excursion which includes all required transportations, food and water, guides, equipment. At 7.30 AM minibus picked up us and other people and we arrived to Pier BangrakΒ (reminding I’m on Ko Samui now).Β We had a nice breakfast of drinks, toasts, cookies and bananas and at 9:30 we were already on the boat. Should admit the level of organization: there were many people on the pier, going to different directions but everybody had a colored bracelet, so when boarding time started, people were notified: “Green color, please come to the boat”. So nobody was confused of what to do and when to do that πŸ™‚

Trip to the National Marine Park took around 1.5 hours. And here goes first stop, time for snorkeling! Unfortunately I didn’t have at that moment phone protector to make photos in the water :\


Place for snorkeling

Inside the water there were many fishes and corals, but on the bottom there’re TONS of sea hedgehogs. It’s like hundreds of them sitting between the stones and waiting for somebody to step to them πŸ˜€


They looked like this one (photo from Internet).

Also our guides started feeding fishes at some moment of time, which made the experience more fascinating. Tons of fishes swimming around, I could even touch them, so cool! πŸ™‚

However, compared to snorkeling in Egypt, the sea world is not that inspiring here. In Egypt there were many different bright colors of fishes and corals, here it was nice about fishes, but corals were all the same blue-white-brown colors.

After snorkeling we made some stops on different islands. First was to get to the viewpoint of the island and see Blue Lagoon. It was really hard to get upstairs, however, I did it! ;D The lake didn’t inspire me much. It was beautiful, however, I had a feeling that I saw the same picture in Zakrzowek in Krakow πŸ˜‰

NationalPark (5)
Even thought there was a label to keep quit there, many tourists were noisy as hell. If there weren’t any tourists, you could feel the nature – sounds and views are really nice.

Kayaking. Second stop was on another island for kayaking. Never did it before, but it was soooooo cool! It was easier than I expected, we didn’t even fall into the water! πŸ˜€ As the weather was very sunny, it was a pleasure to bring some water in kayak while rowing πŸ˜‰ Enjoyed kayaking really much, would definitely do it again! But yeah, weather should definitely be good for that and sea should be calm.

Trekking or how not to die on the hill πŸ™‚ Last stop was on Ko Wua Talap island, where we had lunch. And after we had like 2 hours of free time. While some people stayed to enjoy clear water and sunny weather on the beach, I decided to go for trekking to the viewpoints. It was such a hell! πŸ™‚ I mean views there were adorable but it was incredibly hard to get there.

NationalPark (8)

Viewpoint 1. Our boat is second from left πŸ˜‰

As far as I understood the overall height of a viewpoint is 250m, the route is either 500m or 750m. There’re 5 viewpoint stops during the trekking. I reached 3+ always motivating myself like “I SHOULD JUST DO IT“. However there’re big rocks, walking on them is not very comfortable, some are much higher than others.

NationalPark (1)

On the way to the next viewpoint…

After viewpoint 3 I felt like there’s no way I can walk anymore, my legs were trembling so hard. However when I saw a next label with 2 arrows: “Viewpoint 4” and “Directly to the top” I decided that I can cheat and I can reach the top. Haha, very funny πŸ™‚ After I walked some time, I guess I saw the top point. When I noticed that it’s like 5 floors upstairs, my legs just bent. So I went down dreaming of how I will fall into the sea (I had not so much time, so needed to hurry as well).

NationalPark (2)

Viewpoint 2. So that’s how National Park looks like πŸ™‚

During this trekking there were many nice moments. You meet people, who are totally destroyed as you are. You’re just breathing hardly as well as they are, but after some time you both start smiling and wishing good luck to reach a point. Or some people while getting to the viewpoint 2 asked me how far away they are. After I told that it’s not even half, they started laughing hard saying “Omg, really, REALLY?” πŸ™‚ Also I saw some monkeys, they were small, cute and black but they didn’t come close to the route.


Viewpoint 3. Green trees everywhere!

When I totally destroyed, dirty, with shaking legs came back to the boat to change my cloth and fall into the sea, our guides brought me cold water and proposed watermelons. It was really nice πŸ™‚ I told them that I was trekking to the viewpoints and received many congratulations. Actually our Thai “marine team” was really nice. Guys had a nice mood, were very talkative and friendly and were joking all the time. It was a great pleasure to have excursions with staff like that.

NationalPark (7)

I fall down into the sea and was just lying there, thinking how cool the water is and the moment is perfect. After a while I saw American girls in the sea. When I was going down, they were on the viewpoint 2, I wished them good luck and they went upper. In the sea they told that it was enough after viewpoint 2 and now they’re sooo happy to lie in the water πŸ™‚

NationalPark (6)
On the way back to Ko Samui we had some watermelons and pineapples. Journey was admirable!


Ko Wua Talap island

I would mark National Park as must see in Thailand. However weather should be really good, according to weather forecast it was raining other days during week there.


For the next trip I bought water protective bag for my phone, so I could make some underwater photos. Quality was really bad, however still better than nothing πŸ˜‰ So next time I will tell about islands Koh Nang Yuan and Ko Tao, where we did tons of snorkeling!

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