Penang National Park and George Town

Hey, are you ready to see some Penang’s nature and George Town? I can’t hear you! 😉


Penang National Park. So I decided that it’s time for nature and went for trekking to the Penang National Park! Reached the place by bus (buses in Penang are almost the same as in Krakow and with AC, bus trip was a big pleasure after buses in Thailand 😉


Entrance to the park is free, however you need to check-in before entering (probably they would search for you if you’re lost somewhere). First steps are calm and easy, almost walking by the seaside. Water in Penang is not that clean (especially for swimming) as it was on the islands in Thailand.


Beautiful wild monkeys meet you in the beginning of the park and they’re so cute :3


I was fighting hard with my desire to pet them and common sense (being bitten by a monkey would be a bit problematic). They were mostly ignoring me, probably their business was more important than a human looking at them 😉

There’re some main routes in the park. I’ve chosen a path to Turtle Beach (Pantai Kerachut) to see turtles! The average trekking time was ~1.5 – 2 hours.

The way was long and hard. Sometimes there were stairs, sometimes roots and rocks.


Sometimes there were other creatures, except monkeys 🙂 Well, no aggressive geckos or crocodiles detected, only friendly guys like this one:


On the way there were some main points, where there was some information about plants and sounds around. Labels were dirty, sometimes it was hard to understand what’s written there. But text there sometimes was really interesting 🙂


I found out that generally I enjoy and hate trekking at the same time, funny mixed feelings 🙂 After 1.5-2 hours I reached a lake (or actually what should be a lake):


And some minutes after a Turtle Beach:DSC_1772

It’s not allowed to swim there because of huge water streams and jellyfishes. Seems like it’s generally dangerous to swim in many places on the island because of jellyfishes. I saw orange jellyfishes with long tentacles on the Turtle Beach, looked really scary. Also water is green, not blue. But sand was clean and white with small crabs running there.108

I walked a lot around the territory, but haven’t found any turtles 😦 Seems like I missed something there, what made me very disappointed. One girl there told that Turtle Sanctuary closes at 4:30 PM (I came after 5 PM) 😦

Thoughts that I need to walk back the same distance were disappointing me so much. And here came my savior – a man in the boat was passing by and asking people who wants to go back by boat. I didn’t notice any other boats during those ~30 minutes there, so it was a real luck! Trip on the boat was fast and I happily arrived back to the pier near the entrance of National Park!


Maybe if Turtles Sanctuary was still working, I would’ve been going back by foot D: Generally National Park was a nice experience, was tired, but enjoyed it much!


George Town. Welcome to George Town, second largest city of Malaysia!


When I imagined a city on the island, I didn’t have George Town in my mind. It’s huge, full of life, skyscrapers, temples, shops, cafes and generally is more European (than Bangkok for example).


Bus system is really nice, buses are modern, with AC and covered all needed destinations for me. They’re missing timetables on the bus stops though. Roads were more friendly for pedestrians than expected (which is a rare situation here, looking a bit upfront: roads are almost not prepared for pedestrians in Kuala Lumpur).


There were many temples in the city, mostly Buddhist ones, as well Buddhist schools. Interesting thing, I saw Chinese schools separately for boys and girls (wondering how much time do people need to socialize after studying at school only for boys/girls?)


I definitely spend a little time in George Town as I don’t have many remarkable things in my mind. However it was time to go to Cameron Highlands – place of tea, strawberries and temperature +18.  So next time I’ll tell about Cameron Highlands!080


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