How to get lost in the forest or trekking in Cameron Highlands

Welcome dear friend 🙂

I already wrote about strawberries and tea in Cameron Highlands, today I’ll share stories about nature, forests and picturesque views from Cameron Highlands… and how I got lost 🙂

The Mossy Forest of Gunung Brinchang. One of the must visit places in Cameron Highlands is definitely Mossy Forest. The atmosphere there is very mystical and surreal, I would call it an inspirational place for fantasy computer games.


We arrived there with a touristic group of 4 people. During the walk our guide was telling about different plants there (and gave us leaves to smell 🙂. The weather was brutal – windy, rainy and incredibly cold. I was so happy that I took my ehm, jacket I guess, and a raincoat.


However super cold weather was only emphasizing the atmosphere around 😉


Once we reached a tower (viewpoint), our guide told that further way we will be going by ourselves and in the end should walk backwards. He repeated some times not to turn left side, as it goes deeply into the forest. Despite what he always says to the tourists, many people still go left side and then guide is searching for them 😀


I carefully walked up on the tower. Couldn’t see much from there as it was very foggy around, but also charming and mystical!


There’s definitely something magical in Mossy Forest; I wanted to get lost, walk around and enjoy the view of every plant there! Well, not in Mossy Forest, but I got lost a bit later 🙂


Trail 10. In the end of the trip to Mossy Forest, a couple from our group asked driver to stop near the Trail 10, where they were going for trekking. I marked it for myself and the next day I went there.


Trail 10 is a route located in the forest in Cameron Highlands, near Tanah Rata town. It’s not that high as Mossy Forest, it was warm there. The “entrance” to the trail was a bit hidden (the exit as well btw). Asking local people and instantly checking in Google Maps, I finally found a Trail 10 behind the trees.


The route was quite easy in the beginning – flat surface with small elevations. From time to time there were some obstacles on the path, which I had to climb over.


Sometimes it was hard to pass those trees

But after a while my path became harder and harder. Sometimes I was not sure that I can pass there or that I was going in the right direction.


C’mon, how am I supposed to pass there?

I was going moreover confident till I reached a top viewpoint, which was sooooo incredible!

And after that the paths were really tricky, as there were many ways and sometimes no signs totally (or I haven’t found them). At one moment I’ve chosen the way where I had to jump down 1 – 1.5 m (and climbing back would be problematic). The ground there was wet and dirty and I was almost falling down after each step. I was sure that I went to a wrong direction and actually got lost. Google Maps showed the overall direction but no routes there. After that ~20 minutes of my way full of branches, dirt, plants, high angle and almost no visible route, I felt desperate. I stood there thinking, should I try to go forward or turn back. Turning back wasn’t looking so easy after the way that I did, but going forward to nowhere was also not the best option. Finally when I was almost up to turn back, I heard voices. How happy I was to hear other people! 😀 I happily run after the voices and very soon I saw a normal visible path and people passing there. How happy I was to find a route!


After that my way down was going good (yeah, going down is definitely not walking up 😉 Almost in the end I was confused again by two ways going left and right, but didn’t see any marks. But finally small and spooky hint was found:


I went out to some private zone, which was covered with a fence (was it really the exit for Trail 10?) I walked around that area and went to Tanah Rata, tired and happy 😉

After one more day in Cameron Highlands I took a bus for a big trip to the big city – Kuala Lumpur!


Beautiful architecture, mosques, caves, exotic birds, science center, night drives with friendly Indians, aggressive monkeys, cockroaches on the streets and many other things soon in my articles about Kuala Lumpur 😉

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