Birds, birds and birds everywhere!

Apa khabar, dear visitor? 🙂

Today’s article is about beautiful and colorful birds, peaceful atmosphere and sly monkeys in Kuala Lumpur Bird Park. Attention, tons of pictures incoming!

124Kuala Lumpur Bird Park (or Taman Burung Kuala Lumpur) is a 20.9-acre public aviary, located adjacent to the Lake Gardens. The Bird Park houses more than 3000 birds representing more than 200 species in an enclosed aviary. 90% are local birds and 10% were imported from overseas. I would say it’s a huge birds sanctuary, where animals are just walking around you, a peaceful place where you can enjoy the nature.

123However birdcages are also present in the park. There you may find some guys like those:

Park area is covered with a net, however it’s quite high. Maybe it also protects the park from monkeys, but nothing can stop them 🙂

One monkey got into the park and others came to it (from another side of net). They made some noise, I had a feeling that monkey accidentally got into the park area and didn’t know how to get out. After a while I saw a party of 5 monkeys sitting on another side and watching the one, who got into the park 😀

176There’re many feeding points in the park, generally with fruits. Seems like birds really love papaya, I saw it almost everywhere!

And, of course, monkeys are also there, stealing food from birds 😀

186It’s such a nice feeling when many beautiful birds freely walking around you! I haven’t seen anything like that before. Generally birds were not scared of people, however they didn’t allow to touch them.


Peacocks didn’t allow to touch their tails and were quite worried if I came too close.

Park is separated into 4 zones, with many additional buildings inside, like mini science centers and birds museums. In chicken education center I was allowed to hold a small chicken! Uh, they’re soooooo cute :3

151There were many interesting educational videos, posters and information boards inside, for example this one about chickens’ birth:

149In zone 4 at some special hours there’s a birds’ show. Luckily I came right in time (usually it works opposite for me :D), when show was starting. Lady presenter spoke in English, and it made the show even more attractive to me!

142Well, there were some situations when birds didn’t do the tricks, however the show was really cool. I guess birds’ training is a very time-consuming process of hard work. Can’t believe actually those guys achieved so much training different birds.

Wondering, most of tricks were made by parrots. Are they smarter/easier to train than other birds?


Audience is also helping 🙂

Shouldn’t forget about ponds there, so cozy and relaxing places with ducks and fishes swimming around.

189There were some machines with fish food. First time I didn’t succeed buying it, the machine refused to take my money, so I decided that fishes were not that hungry. However in another part of the park there was another pond with food machine for fishes. So my second try succeed, fishes were happy and I didn’t feel pangs of conscience for non-feeding them 😀

130Also there was a remarkable parrots’ area, with plenty of beautiful exotic parrots flying around the visitors. And I could make some colorful photos there!

Birds are incredible, indeed, however shouldn’t forget about the nature in the park. The park area is very relaxing, with beautiful ponds, many flowers and fruits, even those wooden buildings are an adorable piece of art:

Kuala Lumpur Bird Park is an amazing place of natural beauty, relaxation and calmness. The area is huge and I didn’t notice many people there. I would definitely recommend to visit for all who love birds and nature, or for those looking for peaceful and cozy place in a big and noisy Kuala Lumpur 😉

Panorama_PetronasTowers2Rested and full of energy I went out from Birds Park, took some touristic prospects and was planning my further day sitting on the bench. When suddenly a German guy came and proposed to go sightseeing. As he had already main places marked on the map, we decided not to waste time and went to inspect the beauty of Kuala Lumpur. What we saw there? I will write in the next article!

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