Welcome! I’m Ichizy and this blog is about my Travel stories.

Who am I? I’m a 22 years old .NET developer who is originally from Ukraine but lived last 1.5 years in Poland. I love computer games, technologies, space, discussions with interesting people, rollerskating and different sport activities, drawing, playing the piano and many many other things.


Why I have this blog? During my life in Poland I traveled much around Europe and found out that I really enjoy this process. This blog starts now, in 2018, when I’m going to a big journey to Asia. And I don’t expect it would finish there 🙂 This blog is my travel diary: what I see, how it feels like, which people I meet, which things about the country I learn, what is the weirdest food I find there and so on.

Who is my reader? As you are already here, probably it’s you! Everybody who might be interested in my stories and of course the main reader here is myself as this blog is my travel diary.

Note: Please write me about any mistakes which you might find as I’m not native English speaker.